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Before GalaxyCorp by Musicisinspirational
Before GalaxyCorp
Since Hailey worked on a ranch, overalls were all she wore. I decided to go for the classic weapon, a hammer. Hey, I've seen other ratchet and clank fcs use a wrench for their weapon so I might as well give mine something unoriginal too. And yes, she does need a weapon, her planet is full of tons of predators that would eat her species if they got the chance. 
Vendetta by Musicisinspirational
I like this for her design, I'm sticking with it. She is my R&C villainess, obviously based off spiders. She wouldn't be a main player in the beginning in my story, she is a pawn for another villain thanks to her genetically enhanced venom. 
Fluff butt by Musicisinspirational
Fluff butt
This is Hailey, she is part of Galaxy Corp. Which is basically the R&C version of Peace Corp. She comes from a ranching planet full of thugs, cactus monsters, and other dangerous inhabitants. They prey on her species so her species has to fight back against them. Because of this, Hailey has fighting experience. She can take care of herself. 


Name: Hailey Page
Alias(s): Volunteer 423586592
Species: Lapium
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'0” 
Weight: 104 lbs.
Body Type: Fit and small frame
Love interest: Ratchet (Crushes on him from afar)
Sexual Preference: Hetrosexual
Weapon: Giant hammer, Holo-shield
Likes: Warm weather, Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Exploring, Watching hover board racing events, Nature, Horror Holo-Films, Tinkering with mechanics, Swimming, Spending the day working on a task.
Dislikes: Cold weather, When she is mistaken for a young teen because of her stature, Doing nothing and sitting still for too long, Everything about Qwark, Chick-flick holo-films, The Kerchu, Space Pirates.        
Disadvantages: Her ears are extremely sensitive to noise, if she hears a noise loud enough it will hurt her enough to have her double over in pain. Hailey depends on her wrench for defense, without it she's not strong enough to take an enemy out on her own, take it away and she'll be at the mercy of her opponent. 
Fears: Claustrophobia
Personality: Hailey is a person with a high moral code. She believes in working hard and being open and honest with people. But she doesn't stop to think about how people will respond to her honesty. At times her honesty can be brutal and upfront, but really she's just trying to help the person. She has very low tolerance for nonsense and people who she feels waste time goofing off instead of getting work done. Her temper can be fierce when pushed, often resulting in yelling and insults. Mostly though she tries to be nice and helpful to people, she was taught by her father to never judge someone because she doesn't know their situation and how they ended up there. 
Ratchet: She finds Ratchet to be an amazing person, with his record of saving three galaxies several times over she see's him as a real life super man. As a result she has started to develop a crush on him. He inspired her to join Galaxy Corp, to help others while she still could. He is a major influence on her life.
Clank: Being Ratchet's partner, she respects him greatly. She realizes he and Ratchet work as a team and would never have been able to save those galaxies without working together. She admires his intelligence and thinks he's pretty adorable. 
Talwyn: She looks up to Talwyn as a role model, because of her intelligence, courage, and ability to defend herself in battle. She is jealous of Talwyn because she is so close to Ratchet but doesn't hate her. She has accepted Talwyn and Ratchet's relationship out of respect for Talwyn and because she just wants Ratchet to be happy. But she will never be able to get over Ratchet fully. 
Qwark: Qwark, to her, is a person who belongs in Zordoom. Not because she despises his personality, but because of his past actions. His working for Drek and trying to kill Ratchet, the proto-pet scheme, and his pretending to be a hero helped convince her he was scum. Hailey believes that if you have done bad things in the past, there should be no redemption and you deserve to pay for it the rest of your life. Just like she thinks Qwark should be doing. 
*Snicker snort* by Musicisinspirational
*Snicker snort*
OLLDD doodle of sassy pete. Man I haven't seen this in two years.

Rusty Pete (c) Insomniac games
After a four hour drive to and from the funeral I'm back. I discovered I had more relatives than I had thought. Luckily my aunt is keeping strong. I was impressed. But still feel so bad for her. It's a shame I couldn't stay for the get together at Fred's but school. :( 


Musicisinspirational's Profile Picture
Call me that weird girl. <3
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Let's see...I'm a digital/ once in a while traditional artist, I mostly draw humans. But from time to time I draw cartoon characters that were from the 90's. Those cartoons are the best squeak! <3 I'm also a fanatic of the R&C video game series. (Ratchet and Clank) I haven't tried to draw ratchet before but I wanna try now and I'm hoping that some artists will be nice enough to critique my work. <3 I'm a friendly person buuuut I have a bit of a temper problem. So sorry if I go a bit crazy! ^^; I use colored pencils, markers, pastels, mostly pencil because I'm usually too lazy to color lol! But you'll see that every once in a while. I'll do digital work very often. Well thanks for reading!

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